So, who am I?

Hey there! I’m Toni, and no that isn’t short for anything. Just Toni.

I am 28 years old and I am a native of New England. I was born and raised in southern Vermont, in a small town you’ve probably never heard of where nothing interesting ever happens. I now currently live in another small, uneventful town in southern New Hampshire with my boyfriend Jim, my two cats, Stanley & Lola and my two dogs, Lenny (Leonard) and Loki.

By day I am an assistant at a local company, and by night I am (depending on the night) either a lazy bum watching my Netflix, a Paparazzi consultant who sells reasonably priced accessories… $5.00 jewelry anyone!? Kidding…that’s not what this site is for! Or, as of April 2018, I am a blogger, sharing my thoughts, opinions, and basically whatever I want with… well, you!

I decided to start this blog because I’ve always really loved writing. From the time I was a child until now as an adult, I’ve always kept a journal of some kind. I remember the very first journal I ever got, it had a gray cover with a picture of a kitten on the front surrounded by pink flowers. I probably remember it because I still have it, and having recently read it, for the sake of anyone reading this, I certainly hope my writing skills have improved. So without further ado, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thank you!